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Best FF ever

FF IX is more than game for me. It is a strong bond I have with my own childhood, capable of triggering in my mind soothing emotions, full of nostalgia, fun and candor. But, beyond what I feel and I am sure there are many out there that share with me these emotions, FFIX still is my favorite Square game, and feels like the pinnacle of Art in video game form from the PS1 era. Along with many other classics on the platform, gems created by Squaresoft like Legend of Mana and Brave Fencer Musashi, and Enix too, like Tomb Raider and Valkyrie Profile, FFIX is one of the main reasons I still play video games. And like I do with Sony exclusives, every time I see a Square game being announced, I keep my eyes on it as a long time fan. As a fan, as well, I would like to ask for, if possible, an update to the backgrounds in the game; something that would make these so beautiful, detailed and well done pieces of art to shine again in present platforms exactly like the 3D models and updated videos. Even though I keep waiting for a remake in the veins of the FFVII remake, experiencing this Classic in full glory would warm my heart beyond any level. Since its a game that be it via Storytelling, well written script and wonderfully animated CGI, or in details like scenery animation and NPC interactions/dialogue, this game is still very impressing, and keep being played by older and recent generations; something I am sure I will do until the end of my life...

Best FF Port!

Best Squaresoft iOS Port! Could you please implement mfi controller support? Treasure pecking with chocobo is not the same on the touchscreen. Thanks

Amazing port with two issues.

This is one of the best FF iOS ports ever made, and for a 3D FF title no less. Really impressive, and I hope they remake the botched FFVII port in this engine. However, it has two issues. 1. Stuttering cutscenes. The gameplay is super-smooth, but cutscenes run at like 10fps for no reason. 2. Broken MFI support. The analog stick works, nothing else is mapped properly and most buttons arent mapped at all. Considering almost every other FF port has this, its a big oversight and I cant really get too far into the game without it.

Fix the screen rotation

Cant flip the screen to hold my phone comfortably. :/

Great, but some issues

Great port, plays nicely, looks great. Even prettier than the original. Two issues: screen orientation lock and it does crash a fair bit. Give us the ability to rotate the screen, please. Crashes need to be fixed ASAP. Save points are few and far between in some areas, so an unfortunately-timed crash can mean significant loss of progress. Fix those issues and its a 5 star port.


The only gripe I have with this would be the controls. Touch analog is good, but if they can patch it up with controls that always stay on the screen instead of when you tap on it – that it would be a five star perfect game for sure. Dont even listen to the other reviews

Happy to have this on my phone.

Everyone is complaining about screen orientation, controller support and crashing. This game doesnt need a controller- its an RPG NOT AN FPS. Never crashes on my iPhone 6 - update your hardware ppl! Screen orientation?- buck up!

MFi controller support??

I bought this game assuming it would have controller support, just like the other FF games on iOS. I still LOVE this game, but slightly disappointed I cant use my $70 Hori game pad. Ill give a perfect score when this happens.

Cant Wait To Play

I recently bought the game, however, Im unable to start the game. It crashes immediately. Please fix the game.


What a piece! I would like a full refund if the dam game crashes when you tap to load the game cant even get to the main menu Im playing on an iPad mini with the latest updates what the heck


This game has some great new additions: HD character models look amazing even though the backgrounds arent as crisp. Cheats for 9999gil, Abilities, skipping fights, etc. Game Center

Game Crashes on iPad Mini

I was really excited to play this game again but it crashes before even loading on the iPad Mini. Please fix.


This game is just like I remember it :D it would be good if we can move between ready characters ( unless Im missing something) Controls are very good as well on the touchscreen (using iPad Air 2)

Excellent Port - Worth it!

I recommend this to fans of the FF series, especially those looking to replay IX. Very sharp and worth the price. After 23 hours of game time Ive had only 1 crash, but as the game auto tracks your progress, it had 0 impact. The touch controls are easy to use and do not leave me pining for a wireless remote. You will not need one. To address the one review stating that switching between character during battle is not possible: that is false. Switching is not only possible, but explained during the game.

Great game but ...

I love this game, I loved the original and I am really enjoying this version, but my one hiccup is that it crashes whenever I use a summon. If someone can tell me why, or if square can fix it , I would be very appreciative. I plan to play this game always. Thx


Ive been looking forward to this game for iPad! I seen that it was on a promotional price for a period of time so I couldnt pass. Was super excited after it finished its download since it took a little while. I open the app and there is a grey screen and then it crashes before it even loads...... I followed the instructions and cleared out a few of my favourite games to make appropriate space for this...... This is very disappointing. Fix it please!

Avoid for now - low frame rate / very slow in battle

10-15 sec wait to start battle encounter with an iPad 4 - average 8-12 fps. Marginally playable outside of battle. Unless Square Enix posts a fix, iPad 4 or lower should not be available for play. Disappointing.

Summoning is my issue

Hey 9 is one of my favorite FF and i love it so far but the only issue i having is Summoning i crash every single time so please fix this im stuck at eikos rescue

FF9 IPad Pro

Works amazing on iPad pro!! The game is simply one of the best in the franchise.

Decent port

Decent enough port but lacks controller support which is needed and lagging at the start of cutscenes needs to be resolved.

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